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Exercise… Some people dread the word, but it’s not as bad as it seems. The older we get, the more important it is to take care of our health. According to the NHS, adults aged 65 and over should aim to be physically active every day. From making a cup of tea to taking a walk, exercise doesn’t have to be boring or even difficult.

We’ve compiled a list of exercises that we think you can enjoy and could be beneficial for your health.

As always, be sure to consult with your health practitioner or GP prior to considering any form of exercise.


Old couple walking outdoors hand in hand

1. Walking

Walking is a great form of exercise to get you outdoors… and best of all it’s free!

Getting into walking doesn’t need to be that hard and it’s such a good way to improve and maintain your health.

When deciding to go for a walk it’s important to dress appropriately. If the weather is warm outdoors make sure to wear cooler clothes and warmer clothes in the winter. Most importantly however, is your comfort, ensure you dress comfortably and with a suitable pair of shoes or trainers that provide you with good support too. Once you are all geared up, you’re good to go.

Walking helps reduce the risk of developing certain conditions such as; heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Not only that but if you suffer with mobility issues, walking could potentially help increase your muscle strength and improve your balance.

Make walking even more fun by bringing a friend/partner with you or take your Grandchildren out to enjoy the great outdoors. You can even make it an occasion and have a picnic.



Person doing yoga in the sunset

2. Yoga – Flexibility and Stability

Yoga is perfect for the mind, body and soul and great for all ages and abilities.  What’s best is that you don’t need to be flexible to be able to do it, in fact, yoga will help you become more flexible with regular practice.

There are many physical benefits to practicing yoga. According to Dr. Nevins, yoga can help lessen arthritis and lower back pain. Other benefits include; improved muscle strength, cardio and circulatory health and protection from injury. This is especially great if you’re worried about your balance or unwanted falls.

Yoga is not only great for the body but the mind too. When we exercise, we produce endorphins which is also known as the ‘feel good hormone’. Yoga is known form of meditation which helps you feel calmer and helps you combat negative thoughts such as; stress anxiety and depression.



Man in green swimming cap and goggles in the sea

3. Light Swimming

For a more therapeutic exercise, water aerobics could be the activity for you.

This type of exercise is beneficial if you have joint problems such as arthritis as it is a low impact exercise. Being immersed in the water means that your weightlessness makes it easier for you to perform exercises in the pool, meaning you can have fun without the worry of body weight causing issues.

It is also a great way to boost your confidence! If you’re worried about getting a particular move wrong, don’t worry, no one can see you since you’re submerged in the water! Besides…I’m sure you’re not the only one with this worry.

Water aerobics classes are great group exercise where you can enjoy the company of others. It’s the perfect place to make more friends which can help with feelings of loneliness or depression.



Elderly lady in a pink floral dress dancing

4. Dancing

Dancing has no age limit!

The best thing about dance is you get to choose your intensity and do it anywhere you please… in the kitchen, outdoors or even a fitness class like Zumba. With a partner or on your own. Just get your music on and go.

Dancing is a great cardio-activity; getting your heart pumping and your body moving helps improve your cardiovascular health. Not only that but being physical helps boost your cognitive function so you’ll be improving your learning, problem solving and much more!

If you are somebody that struggles with balance, dancing with a partner to help you keep steady on your feet will make you more confident. It will also strengthen your muscles over time which will improve your overall balance.

There are lots of forms of dancing, such as Zumba, Salsa, Tap, Ballroom etc. Find out which style best suits you then get your dancing shoes on and go!



Plant being held in the front with a woman smiling in the back

5. Gardening

Gardening not only gets you out into the sunshine but it’s a great form of light exercise.

There is more to it than just pulling weeds and planting. The constant bending, squatting and pulling is all a part of your daily workout without you even realising. Doing gardening once a week will certainly help you stay fit.

Gardening is a great time for some down time to yourself, the fresh air will also be beneficial for you. You will be using your critical thinking skills when deciding what you would like to plant which is great for keeping your mind active.

Gardening is also known to be calming. So, if you’re looking for something stress-reducing then gardening is the perfect place to start.

All the while you’ll be soaking up some much-loved vitamin D.



Little girl smiling through a net playing

6. Grandchildren

A brilliant and fun way to get active is being around your grandchildren.

Children love to play and there is nothing better than some outside fun with your grandchild. Not only is it stress-reducing but there will be a lot of laughter, love and exercise.

Take them outdoors, children love to explore and they love it more when you explore with them too. Get your body moving with them, improving your cardiovascular health and your muscle strength at the same time.

Something as simple as playing hide-and-seek, taking them swimming or playing dress up. There are many different things you can do with your grandchild that will help you stay active whilst having fun.


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We hope you find these tips on how to get active useful. If you have any tips that you would like to share on how you like to stay active then share them with us on our Facebook page!