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Are you, or someone you know about to come home from hospital? If so, it’s very likely that your home will need to be adapted slightly for your return. If you think you may need some extra help around your home, there are some pieces of mobility furniture that are essential for providing you with the level of care required. Not only can they help during your recovery, you’ll have peace of mind that your home will be safer to use upon your return.

Mobility Furniture For Post Hospital Care

1. Hi-Lo Adjustable Medical Bed

No matter what condition you’ve been in hospital for, bed rest is a must for helping your recovery. With so much of your recovery time being spent in bed, it’s important your bed is up to the important task.

It could be that you need help getting in or out of bed, or would like more support while sitting upright to eat or watch TV. Whatever your needs, The Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed uses intelligent motor control systems to ensure excellent comfort and positioning, whilst offering the carer time saving and safety features during moving and handling.

2. Porta Chair

As far as mobility furniture for post hospital care goes, The PortaChair ticks all the boxes. Designed to make transport around your home easier when recovering from a hospital stay, this portable riser recliner chair has wheels so you can easily move from room to room, without even having to leave your chair! Whats more, there are a wide choice of sitting and reclining positions available which can provide temporary positional relief from many ailments including back ache, aching joints and arthritic pain.

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    3. Bath lift

    If you need some extra help getting in and out of your bath when recovering at home after surgery, The AquaLift could be a great help. Bathing in a warm bath can work wonders on aches and pains. This slim-line bath lift fits effortlessly at the side of your bath, allowing you to get in and safely, without fearing a slip or fall. Once you’ve enjoyed relaxing in your full depth bath, simply press the up button on your control. Click here to find out more.

    Buying the correct mobility furniture for post hospital care largely depends on the condition of the individual patient. Different conditions and capabilities require the use of different pieces of equipment. If you would like to find out how our medical home care range could help your specific needs, get in touch today.