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In this useful guide discover how an Electric Recliner Chair works aswell as all of the benefits a Willowbrook riser recliner can bring you.

How an Electric Recliner Chair works

An Electric Recliner Chair works by lifting you to your feet, or effortlessly placing you in a relaxing position – all at the simple touch of a button.

If you find that you struggle to get in and out of your chair, or feel that you could do with some extra support, then an Electric Recliner Chair could be the perfect choice for you.

Watch this useful demonstration video to see first hand how our electric recliner chairs work  >

How an Electric Recliner Chair works

Do you struggle to get in and out of your chair? An Electric Riser Recliner Chair could help.

Willowbrook recliners are made to fit you and your needs, and they’re all hand crafted in Britain at our very own factory.

Designed and built to make sitting and standing an effortless task, our riser recliners raise you to your feet at the touch of a button and help you sit back down slowly and gently. Taking the strain off your knees and hips.

The simple hand-held control on our Electric Recliner Chairs drives a low-voltage motor that will adjust your chair to the position that suits you best, from reclining to fully risen.

Our rise and recline action is one of the best available. Some cheaper models often have a scissor action which means they have one weight-load point, making the recliner less stable. Our chairs  spread weight evenly across a platform, ensuring optimum stability and maximum comfort.

Willowbrook have over 12 different riser recliner styles to choose from. All available in a huge collection of fabrics and colours. We’ve got a recliner to suit all tastes.

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There are 4 main sitting positions available

with a Willowbrook Electric Recliner Chair:


Endless, everyday support

Our Electric Recliner Chairs are made to your individual needs
and requirements. With the correct supportive cushioning, you’ll find our riser recliner chairs exceptionally comfortable. Perfect if you’ll be sitting in your chair for longer periods of time.

Feet Up

Effortless, enjoyable comfort

Put your feet up and recline the back section slightly to take the weight and strain off your feet and lower legs. Ideal for reading or watching the television.


The ultimate in luxurious relaxation

Lie back and relax with the foot rest up and the back reclined. Perfect for enjoying a snooze or a massage from the optional built-in massage system.


Easy rising at the touch of a button

The simple task of getting into and out of a chair doesn’t need to be a chore any more. Standing up is easy and effortless, at the touch of a button. With the help of the rising action, there’s no strain on your arms, legs or hips.

Electric Recliner Chair Benefits

Electric Recliner Chairs offer a number of advantages compared to a non reclining chair, making them an increasingly popular choice:

Temporary relief from your aches and pains

Keep independent for longer

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage

Keep independent for longer

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage

Additional Features For Your Electric Recliner Chair

Why not make your Electric Recliner Chairs truly personal by adding some of our handy accessories? Add a built in massage or heat system, the ultimate in luxury. Enjoy a good book? Then why not add a reading lamp or storage arm to keep those little things close by. You can even add a USB port to charge your mobile or tablet device. Click here to view the full range of extras and accessories available.

Massage System

Massage is the perfect way to bring complete luxury and relaxation to your Electric Recliner Chair

Reading lamp

Add a reading lamp to your Electric Recliner Chair to help you enjoy reading a book or newspaper.

Storage Pockets

A convenient way to store your TV remote, glasses, tablets or what ever else you may need close by

USB Port

Add a USB port to charge your digital device from the comfort of your Electric Recliner Chair

Arrange Your Free Home Demonstration

The best way to try a Willowbrook Electric Recliner Chair is in the comfort of your own home. Our free, no obligation home demonstration means you can try before you buy and our 3 year guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind that our chairs are as luxurious as we say they are.

If you would like any further information about how an Electric Recliner Chair works  or how one could benefit you, please call us on 0800 854 330 or  click here to get in touch  today.