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The Willowbrook Difference

ElectroMotion Scooters

ElectroMotion scooters by Willowbrook have been developed to offer a range of electric, motorised scooters that combine practicality, reliability, comfort and most importantly, ease of use. Our range of mobility scooters are designed to suit all requirements.

Willowbrook at your service

Unlike many other companies, Willowbrook are on hand to offer expert advice when it comes to buying the right mobility scooter for you and your surroundings. We often hear of people paying good money for a scooter only to find out that the scooter they brought is not fit for purpose or suitable for their needs. This is why we provide an in-depth assessment to help you find the correct scooter and eliminate the risk of buying a scooter without even seeing it. You would not buy a car that way so why a mobility scooter?

Free no obligation test drive

What better way to experience the range of ElectroMotion mobility scooters than with a free test drive? One of our trained advisors will visit you at home and discuss which one of our mobility scooters you are most suited to. The test drive is an enjoyable experience and will take into account the following points-

  • Scooter Usage: Assessing your usage requirements- where you travel, speed required, distance and range travelled plus what type of terrain you drive on
  • Storage: Is the scooter compatible with your home? Can you store it safely and securely?
  • Charging: Can you charge the scooter easily? How long between charges?
  • Scooter type: folding, lightweight, road or off road?

Free Delivery and full set up

Unlike other companies that just deliver a box for you to unpack and set up yourself, all of our mobility scooters come with free delivery, full setup and familiarisation as part of our complete service. Our engineered delivery makes sure you are completely happy with the mobility scooter and it’s features before we leave. We even take away all packaging that just leaves you to enjoy your brand new ElectroMotion mobility scooter.

Wrap around care package

All ElectroMotion mobility scooters come complete with the following peace of mind

  • Free year warranty
  • Free year breakdown cover
  • Free year insurance

Excludes MicroGlide

See the full specifications of all of our mobility scooters.