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It is a fact of life that unfortunately, as we age, it can make life that little bit harder for us to move around and complete our day-to-day routines. For some it can be much worse than others, from feeling aching joints to suffering from severely limited mobility.

Something as simple as getting in and out of a chair can become a daunting task and some may begin to rely on others a little more, losing more independence each time. Fortunately, there are so many aids to be used within the home in order to help people regain their independence, keep them comfortable and most importantly keep them safe.

Using a riser recliner instead of your usual armchair can greatly reduce or even eliminate the difficulty with getting in and out of a chair. This is because the riser recliner chair does what your muscles and joints would normally have to do by the touch of a button.
Not only does using a riser recliner chair ease the strain put on your joints and muscles but will greatly reduce the risk of slipping or falling and therefore creating a much safer environment for you.

The top factors to consider are:

  • Weight capacity – It is vital that you get the right chair for you, and is certainly better to have a riser recliner that has been specifically made to your requirements. Different actions and motors can enable a riser recliner to cater up to 50 stone in weight
  • Fabric Types – There are many different fabrics, colours and styles that you can choose for a riser recliner. Remember to take your décor into consideration
  • Number of reclining positions – Quality riser recliners should help you to sit, relax, recline and bring you gently to the standing position. You need to adjust the chair to find that perfect position for you to sit in comfort
  • Warranty – It is important to think about the service that you will receive after the sale and to make sure that you get a meaningful and lengthy warranty should you experience any problems in the future
  • Optional extras – Things like built-in massage systems will add luxury to your chair while head cushions can add comfort and side pockets for convenience. Battery back up is always worth considering so that you can still use your chair during a power cut
  • Medical benefits of the chair – Think about what is right for you and what the riser recliner can do for you, rather than just the look of the chair alone. A riser recliner can improve your lifestyle greatly, offer you temporary positional support for backache, arthritic pain and aching joints plus improve your circulation
  • Some people can make the mistake of buying “cheap” when it comes to mobility aids, particularly riser recliners, as they think that they are making a good saving. However, it can mean that the quality, after service and life length of the product is less adequate and it may not have been made specifically for you to completely suit your requirements
  • For some, a riser recliner is not so much of a luxury but a necessity. Also, whether it’s for someone beginning to struggle through age or mobility problems, or just as a little bit of extra help; everyone’s needs are different and so each riser recliner should be.

Willowbrook are here to help and to offer you the best advice and highest quality of riser recliner chairs.