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Willowbrook’s mobility scooters are rated amongst the very best on the market, according to the results of a recent consumer survey. Voters in Help My Mobility’s survey placed Willowbrook machines in the top-3 in two out of the three categories.
Both ends of the Willowbrook product range were featured. The heavy duty Ultraglide model performed best, securing a top two finish in the road scooter category.

The lighter duty Microglide also performed well, finishing third in the portable scooter category. Help My Mobility reached out to their user database in order to gain their recommendations. Survey respondents were asked to recommend a mobility scooter that had changed their life, and they responded in their droves, recommending scooters to prospective buyers and leaving helpful comments as to why this particularly scooter had had such a positive effect on their day to day activity.

www.help-my-mobility.org Managing Director, Jason Tate, believes that this survey provides a handy guide to customers when they come to buy a mobility scooter;

“These are the top rated scooters in the three main scooter categories, recommended by users themselves; it really cannot get any simpler than that,” he said.

“When a consumer searches online for a new mobility scooter, they can simply browse these recommendations and get a clear idea of which scooter has scored big in which category.”

“The fact that the Microglide and the Ultraglide featured so highly in the survey shows how engaged Willowbrook are with the needs of their customers.”

View the full results from the survey.