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The Perfect Size Chair

A Riser Recliner Made Around You

At Willowbrook, we understand that not everyone is the same size, shape, weight or height- so neither are our chairs!

During your no obligation free home demonstration we can take all the details we need to hand build a chair which is perfectly sized to fit you. This takes into account the correct seat depth, width height and foot position for you (see below) so your recliner will give you the best possible support and comfort. You can try one of our riser recliners and with experienced advice from one of our fully trained advisors, we can make sure that you will have the right size for you.


Seat Depth

Correct Space
Too Deep
No support for spine, causing back pain
Too shallow
No support causes knee pain


Seat Height

chair-size-7Correct Space
Too low
chair-size-8No resting support for knees
Too High
chair-size-9Feet hanging causes pressure on knees and thighs

Seat Width

chair-size-4Correct Space
Too  narrow
chair-size-5Too tight
Too wide
chair-size-6No support


Finishing Touches

To complete your order and make sure you have the perfect chair just for you, we have a fantastic choice of optional extras from the built-in massage to a reading lamp. There are many things you can decide for your riser recliner so that you are completely happy with your choice before we begin the manufacture of your recliner in our very own factory.