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Who said you need to step outside to take part in a new hobby?! There are so many fun activities that you can enjoy from home in the comfort of your electric recliner chair. Whether you’re interested in acquiring a new skill or would like to enjoy a favourite past time, we’ve outlined 7 of our favourite ideas below:

1. Knitting or cross stitching

Knitting & cross stitching can be a brilliant activity to do on your Electric Recliner Chair. It’s fun, keeps your brain relaxed and your fingers nimble! Regardless of whether you’re making a simple pair of socks, or feel more adventurous, there’s no better feeling than receiving a compliment about something you’ve made from scratch and saying ‘I did that!’

Knitting on an Electric Recliner Chair

2. Reignite your passion for reading

One of our customers favourite activities to do in their Electric Recliner Chair is reading. Whether you like to stay on top of the latest news with a newspaper or prefer sinking into an interesting book, reading is a great way to keep you busy for hours on end.

If you don’t like the idea of having to travel down to your local library, a Kindle could be a brilliant alternative for you. With a kindle you can access to thousands of books, all from the comfort of your Electric Recliner Chair!

Our riser recliners also come with a variety of optional extras perfect for you if you like to read, including a handy reading light so you don’t strain your eyes and a tray table to keep your book close by.

Electric Recliner Chair Reading

3. Brain teasers or puzzles

As we age keeping our brain active is very important. A really fun way to do this is by trying out a puzzle or two.  Not only can puzzles be a great way to pass time, they have multiple health benefits too! Puzzles have been shown to slow down (and potentially even reduce) the onset of dementia, improve hand-eye coordination and boost your memory too.

Puzzles can be found in a number of places- newspapers, puzzle books and if you have access to the internet, there are thousands there for you to try too.

Electric Recliner Chair Puzzles

4. Adult colouring book

Adult Colouring Books have seen a huge surge in popularity over recent years. They can really help to de-stress and relax you – making it a perfect activity for your Electric Recliner Chair! Studies have also shown colouring in can improve your health too. In a recent study, people aged 65 and over who participated in creative activities were shown to have fewer problems with their health than those who did not participate. Pick up those pencils and have a go at an adult colouring book today.

Electric Recliner Chair Drawing5. Exercise!

Seat exercises are a great way to improve your mobility and prevent you from falling.

The NHS have produced a series of exercise routines that can be done at home, all from the comfort of your Electric Recliner Chair! Done twice a week, these activities can not only help you to feel healthier, you’ll sleep better too.

Electric Recliner Chair exercise

(Image courtesy of the NHS)

6. Music

For many of us, music can take you back to happy memories, helping you to relax and lift your spirits.

Taking the time to listen to songs by your favourite artists can immediately uplift your mood. If you fancy listening to something new instead, tuning in to the radio can be a superb way to discover new talent.

Did you know, we have a Electric Recliner Chair perfect for music lovers? The Symphony riser recliner has two speakers disguised within its head cushion, offering crisp, high-quality sound perfect for relaxing with your favourite songs.


7. Jewellery making 

Jewellery making is a wonderful way to pass some time whilst sat in your Electric Recliner Chair. You could make anything you like from a lovely beaded necklace to an intricate sparkling bracelet. All you need is a large needle, yarn and some beads (available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours).


We hope these ideas will help to inspire you with a new hobby to enjoy over the next few months. If you have any other ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you. Head over to our Facebook page today and let us know!