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Living with arthritis can be a real pain, and what you eat can make things worse. Here are 7 foods to avoid if you suffer from arthritis.

1. Avoid Citrus Fruits

Many sufferers of arthritis find that by cutting down on oranges over time you are likely to see a great improvement in your arthritic pain. We don’t recommend cutting out citrus fruits completely though as they contain an antioxidant called β–cryptoxanthin which have been found to slow down arthritic progression.

2. ….and coffee

Sorry folks, but coffee increases acidity in your blood, which can worsen your inflammation. Choosing de-caf doesn’t help either as it still contains substances that affects your joints. Avoid sugary drinks where possible as this increases blood acidity as well. Try opting for fruit squash or a healthy herbal tea instead.


3. Solanaceous plants

This includes foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, chilies and aubergines. Studies have been shown worsen pain and inflammation for some people with arthritis.



4. Red meat

Whilst having one read meat based meal per week is a good source of iron for you, red meat contains high levels of arachidonic acid, which may worsen arthritic inflammation and pain so shouldn’t be eaten too regularly.


5. Fried foods


Food fried in vegetable is a big no no for people with arthritis. Choose olive oil instead which is a better alternative.

6. Wheat

Wheat based foods such as bread, pasta and pizza contributes to inflammation, which worsens arthritis.

7. Milk

There is a protein in milk called casein which irritates the tissue around your joints for some people. There are many different milks available today which you can use instead.

By working out which foods to avoid and combining with a balanced diet and healthy body weight, you should soon begin to experience some relief from your arthritic pain. 

If your arthritis causes you to struggle getting in and out of your bed or chair whilst at home, our arthritic friendly, adjustable beds and riser recliners could help too.