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Halloween is a time that brings back fond childhood memories for most people. As we get older, however, the thought of strangers approaching our home in scary costumes can cause anxiety and fear, especially if you live alone. Make Halloween a safer and more enjoyable experience by following our top tips:

1. Lock your doors

Ensure your doors and windows are locked up this Halloween . If you do need to open your door for any reason make sure you keep the chain on it as an extra precaution.

2. Don’t decorate

Keep floors, entry ways and porches free from Halloween decorations- do not encourage people to visit if you do not want them to.

3. Light it up

Keep your rooms well lit by adding nightlights to hallways and keeping lighting on where possible to reduce any chance of being frightened.

4. Don’t be alone

If you are on your own, invite a friend or relative around to keep you company during the evening. If you don’t have any friends available, consider attending a community event.

5. Keep yourself busy

If you are anxious prepare yourself in advance by busying yourself with an enjoyable activity such as reading a book, watching a film or doing some arts and crafts.

6. Put a sign up

Consider putting up a sign to display on your window or front door to deter trick or treaters. Downloadable posters can often be found on your local police stations website.