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How can an adjustable bed temporarily relieve back pain?

Back Pain Can Be A Pain…

Recent research undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association concludes that two thirds of us (65%) suffer from back pain each month.

This common condition isn’t always a serious matter, but it can sometimes lead to other issues such as sleep problems and lack of productivity. Luckily, non-specific back pain can often be prevented by making small lifestyle changes.

Causes of Back Pain:

Back pain is extremely common, and according to the NHS, it can be caused by a number of different things.

Non-specific back pain (back pain with no obvious cause) can be down to a multitude of things, but is most commonly result of poor posture or your sleeping position. This kind of back pain often worsens dependent on your position, and can be more painful when you’re walking and moving around.

Of course, there are many medical conditions which can cause back pain too, such as a slipped disk, sciatica and the spine slipping out of position, to name just a few!

Back pain

How Can An Adjustable Bed Help To Temporarily Relieve Back Pain? *

If your back pain wakes you up in the night or is at its worst first thing in the morning it could be time to consider upgrading to an adjustable bed.

Due to the fact that our spines have an S-shaped contour, sleeping flat can be the cause of aches and pains in your back.

An adjustable bed contours to the shape of your spine, supporting your lower back and neck. This also helps to reduce pressure points, leading to a pain-free, relaxing nights rest.

The Best Sleeping Positions For Back Pain:

With an adjustable bed, the position in which you lie in can be changed at the simple touch of a button. Although there are a variety of different sleeping positions that an adjustable bed will enable you to lie in, there are two which are particularly good for temporary pain relief.

The Contour:

The contour does exactly what it says – moulds to the S shape of your spine. This position allows your body to be totally evenly supported, releasing pressure points and offering ultimate relaxation.

The contour position helps to relieve back pain

Side Sleeping:

The side sleeping position adjusts the top and bottom sections of your adjustable bed, allowing your spine to maintain its alignment even when you are sleeping on your side. This position helps to relieve pressure on areas such as your back and hips, providing a temporary pain relief.

The side sleeping position helps to relieve back pain

Some health professionals state that side-sleeping with a pillow in between your legs can help to further relieve pain!

In-Built Massage System:

In-built massage can be a great temporary relief to back ache. This is why all of our beds come with the option of having an in-built massage system. At the touch of a button you can enjoy a full body massage, or one that concentrates on one of five of your body parts! This is the perfect way to relax your muscles before bed.

Want To Find Out More?

We have a huge range of adjustable beds that could help you temporarily relieve your back pain! Want to find out more? Click here to request a FREE brochure, or give our friendly team a call on 0800 854 330 today!

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*Please note that using an adjustable bed is NOT a cure for any medical condition, they can just offer temporary pain relief. Massage system not recommended for use with a pacemaker.