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It’s true what they say. Pets really do make a home. There’s nothing more comforting than enjoying the company of your furry friend by your side. Unfortunately though, underneath your pets well-loved sweetness, there may lurk a not so well loved habit- abusing your home furnishings! Read on to discover how you can enjoy the beauty of your new recliner with the company of your pet as well as some top tips for choosing the best recliners for pet owners.

Top Tips For Finding The Best Recliners For Pet Owners

Firstly, Don’t Let Scratching Become a Habit

The best way to prevent your new riser recliner from being scratched is to put a stop to it from the very beginning. If you see your pet scratching your riser recliner, say ‘No’ firmly and pat them away.

If they persist consider spraying your pet with water or making a noise each time they attempt to scratch- they soon learn this behaviour is not appropriate.

Top tip: Try to make it look like the deterrent has come from elsewhere, so they learn not to scratch your recliner at any time, regardless of whether you are there or not.

best recliners for pet owners

Choose Pet friendly Fabrics

Our range at Willowbrook ensures quality made recliners at affordable prices, and their robust craftsmanship means they can withstand some wear and tear if your pet decides it does not want to listen to your household rules.

When choosing the best fabric for your recliner, leather is a great choice for pet owners. Not only is it simple to clean and wipe down, it doesn’t attract hair like fabrics either. Leather is also more odour resistant than other materials, perfect.

Micro-fibre recliners are also highly recommended and a popular choice for pet-owners – they are incredibly durable, difficult to stain and don’t pull when scratched, so these riser recliners will resist the damaging effects of your pet scratching at the material.

Top tip: If you see any snags on your fabric trim them as much as you can. Roughed up fabric is very attractive for your pets to scratch otherwise.

best recliners for pet owners

Colour Co-ordinate

Fur. Regardless of how much you clean and hoover, there are always loose pet hairs that go astray.

Having a black pet with a cream sofa, or vice-versa, is really going to make fur stand out more. If you’d like a better way to disguise the hairs rather than having to clean all the time, consider matching your recliner to your pets fur colour to help you out.

best recliners for pet owners

Invest In Some New Toys 

Although pet toys may seem like niceties, a new toy to play with can be the perfect distraction from your riser recliner. Flexible toys that dangle can be directed towards a scratch post to encourage scratching in the correct place.

Why not also treat your pet to a new bed? Pet beds come in a number of different styles, sizes and materials to suit your pet. They also come in a variety of colours so you can find one that complements your new recliner and living room decor perfectly.

Cover Scratch Prone Areas

If your pet still persists in scratching your recliner , it could be a good idea to purchase a sofa cover or arm covers. This will not only help to protect your recliner from scratching but will help to keep it looking brand new and prevent buying expensive replacements.

best recliners for pet owners- arm covers

We hope you find these tips for protecting your recliner from pets useful. If you’d like any further advice on choosing the best recliners for pet owners, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 854 330 or chat with them online in the box on the bottom right of your screen.