Extras and Accessories

All our furniture is handmade to suit your requirements. We want you to have the utmost luxury in your home, because why should you settle for anything less? We offer a wide range of extras and accessories you can add to your Willowbrook furniture to help make your life a little easier. From built in massage systems to reading lights, design your furniture your way.

Make Your Willowbrook Adjustable Bed Unique By Adding One Or More Of Our Optional Extras.

After choosing the style, size, mattress, headboard and fabric for your adjustable bed you may wish to take a look at our fantastic choice of optional extras to make sure you have the perfect bed just for you.

There are many things you can decide for your adjustable bed so that you are completely happy with your choice before we begin the manufacture of your masterpiece in our very own factory.

USB Charging Point

USB Charging Socket

Built discreetly into the side of your bed, this offers you a convenient place to charge your phone or tablet.

Reading Light

Reading Light

Settle down with a good book using this cosy built-in reading lamp. It’s the perfect way to focus with the help of some target lighting. Conveniently built into your headboard, you can adjust the light to the ideal positioning.

built in massage

Built-in Massage

Our built-in massage system is the perfect way to enjoy complete luxury and relaxation. You’ll be able to experience either a full body or a concentrated massage on one of five areas of your body (not recommended for use with a pacemaker).


Matching Ottoman

Why not complete your bedroom look with a stylish matching Ottoman to go with your new adjustable bed? As well as offering generous storage space it can double as a convenient seat too.

motion sensor lighting

Motion Sensor Lighting

This clever lighting system features a motion sensor so that it can pick up your movement and light your way. It acts as a great safety feature that is perfect for when you need to get up in the night.

bed drawers

Bed Drawers

We’ve put the deep base of our adjustable beds to very good use by providing you with the option of fitted storage drawers. Ideal for small spaces, the built-in drawers help you make the most of the space you have available.

Make Your Willowbrook Riser Recliner Chair Unique By Adding One Or More Of Our Optional Extras.

There are many things you can decide for your riser recliner so that you are completely happy with your choice before we begin the manufacture of your masterpiece in our very own factory.

built in massage for recliner chair

Built-in Massage System

The optional built-in massage system is the perfect way to bring complete luxury and relaxation to your chair. Enjoy either a full body or a concentrated massage on one of five specific areas of your body.

Tray table

3-in-1 Tray Table

Everything you need for relaxing in your riser recliner. This handy tray table removes, swivels and also charges devices. It's ideal for your smart phone, tablet or simply reading a good book.

Reading Light

Reading Light

Choose to have a built-in reading lamp with your riser recliner to help you enjoy a good book or read the newspaper. When you are finished, tuck it away as it will fold discreetly over the back of your chair.

Storage Arm

Storage Arm

This is a convenient new feature that allows you to store your TV remote, glasses, tablets or anything else you may need close by.

extending footrest

Extendable Foot Rest

An excellent way to really stretch your body and still have your feet well supported. It's ideal for your feet, ankles and lower leg, giving you extra comfort.

in built heating

In-built Heating

Relax into your chair with the comforting warmth via internal heating. Easily operated with the in-built arm controller and provides the ultimate in relaxation for your muscles and joints.

dual motor system

Dual Motor System

The dual motor system allows the seat and leg sections of our riser recliners to operate independently of one another, creating even more comfortable positions for you.

head cushion on chair

Head Cushion

For added comfort the head cushion is a very popular addition to our riser recliners. It provides extra support for your neck should you need it.

Storage Pocket

Storage Pockets

These pockets can go on either side of your recliner and are great for storing your books or newspapers, so that everything you need is conveniently close to hand.

USB Port

USB Charging Port

Our continued product development sees the introduction of a USB port , an optional extra available on all riser recliners. Here you can charge devices such as phone and tablets from the chair.

Removable Arms

Removable Arms

Designed for an easier transition from a wheelchair into the riser recliner, the drop-down or removable arms create easy access with minimum difficulty.

Arm Covers

Arm Covers

Arm covers are made with the same material as your recliner chair and provide extra protection for your chair.

battery back up for chair

Battery Back-up

Our battery back-up system gives you the peace of mind that you can still use your riser recliner motions even in the event of a power cut.

guardsman stain protection logo

Guardsman Stain Protection

Take out a Guardsman 5-year fabric or leather protection plan so that you can protect your furniture from those spills and stains. All counting towards a completely stress-free purchase.

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