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Here at Willowbrook we manufacture all of our riser recliners and adjustable beds, offering a complete service, cutting out any retail shops or middlemen. Many other companies will simply pass your order onto a furniture manufacturer and have little or no control over the production time of your chosen product.  This means that your order fits into a production slot along with multiple other companies and customer orders. The end result is that you can wait up to 12 weeks or more for your furniture to be manufactured and delivered.

Buying direct from Willowbrook means that when your order comes in, we can get started straight away. We understand that importance and benefit our products make to our customers' lives and want to help keep you independent rather than waiting months for your furniture to be manufactured.

Our 27 years of trading and time-honoured manufacturing methods allow us to draw on our vast experience and create a hand made piece of furniture delivered directly to you.

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Traditionally British Riser Recliners

We employ quality standards unrivalled by many others and we only use the finest raw materials in the construction of all our furniture.

Starting with the sturdy steel chassis which is constructed to the highest standards, we then add the seat, which uses tied serpentine springs. Being ‘tied’ means the springs will stay in one place, which is important for ensuring maximum comfort and support.

Once the seat and frame have been constructed, a layer of top industry standard foam is fixed to the chair which provides the ultimate in cushioning comfort. The process then moves to the cutting and sewing room, where the seat, back and arms of the chair are upholstered by our seamstresses.

Finally, all the components come together, with the finished upholstered sections being securely fixed to the lift and recline action. A thorough check over makes sure everything is working and the recliner is almost completed. The finishing touch is to add the easy-glide castors, fitted as standard on all our chairs, to make moving your chair effortless.

The end result is a hand-made piece of furniture that will not only stand the test of time, but also provide the ultimate in support and comfort.

Traditionally British Adjustable Beds

At Willowbrook, the core of a quality, adjustable bed is a well made frame. Each bed is built precisely, with care and detail and is built to last.

Each bed starts with a core component – our unique 5-lever action system. Powered by an almost silent motor, the system enables your bed to move quietly and effortlessly into infinite positions, designed to support the key areas of your body.

For your complete comfort, each frame is made with 28 individual rubber mounted slatted sections within the base. Each section moves separately, meaning you’ll not only be able to sleep better, but you’ll also feel better in the morning too.

Our British Factory 3

Our Factory

Our furniture is manufactured in our very own purpose-built factory situated right here in the UK, in the heart of the West Midlands.

A key reason behind the decision to choose Brierley Hill as the location for our factory was its traditional links to the furniture industry, allowing us to draw on the wealth of skills and knowledge provided by the local workforce.

These are true craftsmen, building our recliners using the finest raw materials and time-honoured methods of construction.

*selected items only available for 3 week manufacture and delivery time. Contact our customer care team to find out more

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We are in our 27th year of providing innovative mobility solutions that really do make a difference in people’s lives. Unlike many other providers, we are proud to be able to build your recliner chair or adjustable bed in our very own UK Factory. Improve your independence with Willowbrook.

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