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New for summer 2012, Willowbrook have introduced a range of lighting solutions to make your life easier. Take the reading lamp, a subtle yet handy optional extra that is built into the back of your recliner. Simply turn the lamp on and lie back and enjoy a good book or the newspaper. With its easy manoeuvrability you can alter the position of the light to suit you and your comfort.

Another handy and safe solution is the optional sensor lighting on all our adjustable beds. This clever device is subtlety fixed underneath you bed frame and gently lights up when movement is detected. A great idea if you need to visit the bathroom during the night. Simply place your feet on the floor and the sensor picks up your movement and lights your way. A great idea and saves turning a bedside lamp on and waking others in the room. When you’re back in bed the lights automatically switch off after a few minutes. To find out more on the lights and all our optional extras click here.