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If you’re anything like me, with so many riser recliners available to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search. This helpful guide will explore 7 important questions to ask yourself before investing in a new riser recliner chair to help you make your first decision the right one.

1.What is my budget?

We all love a bargain, but before you buy a riser recliner ask yourself why is it so cheap? Often it’s imported (usually from China), is low quality and is only available in a fixed size & colour.

British made recliners, such as Willowbrook riser recliners are lovingly constructed to your requirements and hand built here in the UK, in our very own factory by the finest craftsmen. You can be assured that what you are buying is quality made too as are made exactly to your measurements and come with a 3 year guarantee as standard.


2. Should I choose a single or dual motor riser recliner chair?

Are you struggling to decide between a single or dual motor riser recliner chair? A single motor riser recliner chair provides one combined rise and recline action and would be best for you if:

✔ You spend less time in your chair

✔ You have a smaller budget

✔You don’t want to move your back and feet independently

A dual motor riser recliner chair has separate motors for your back and feet so gives greater flexibility with your positioning. This is especially good if medical reasons require you to spend long amounts of time in your chair.

3. Do I have enough space in my living room?

Due to their wonderful ability to adjust to your comfort, riser recliner chairs are generally bigger than normal chairs. This is especially true if you would like to fully recline in your chair. Make sure to measure how much space you have available to ensure you can make the most of your new riser recliner chair

4. How much time am I likely to spend in my riser recliner?

Riser recliner chairs are perfect for taking a nap in the day but aren’t recommended for sleeping for extended periods of time.

If you intend to use your riser recliner to sleep on over night because you find it difficult to get up, you should seek professional healthcare advice to see what other options are available for you.

5. How will a riser recliner help my medical problems?

A riser recliner can improve your lifestyle greatly, providing you with temporary positional support and helping you to get in and out of your chair with ease. A riser recliner chair can help to temporarily relieve the pain from the following medical conditions:

✔Back Pain

✔Circulation problems


6. What accessories are available to personalise my riser recliner?

Riser recliner chairs come with the option of adding many helpful features that could benefit you and enhance your riser recliner chair experience. This includes:

✔Built-in massage: perfect for soothing aching joints & relaxation

✔Directional lighting: ideal for those of you who enjoy reading in your recliner

✔Inbuilt storage: A convenient feature allowing you to store everything you need close to hand

✔Heated cushion: Improve your circulation with an easy to operate cushion

7. Have other people been happy with their riser recliner?

There is no better way of knowing if you’ve found the right riser recliner for you, than listening to the people who have already experienced one for themselves. Reputable companies will have review systems in place where you can read customer feedback to help you make your mind up. Read ours here.


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