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Philippa suffers from Osteoporosis, a hidden type of disease whereby decreased bone strength increases the risk of a broken bone. With painful hips, knees and swollen ankles, Philippa looked at Willowbrook’s Moderna Adjustable Bed to help aid a better night’s rest and to relieve some of her pain. Philippa is delighted with her Willowbrook Adjustable Bed and mentions it’s the most valuable item in her home.



Click here to view the electric adjustable bed that Phillipa and her husband now value more than anything else in their home



Can you tell us more about yourself and your condition?

I was a cello teacher and taught in up to twenty schools a week. I have a disease called Osteoporosis. People don’t know about it. Its called the hidden disease. I had a hormone deficiency, that’s why I’ve got it, but they didn’t know in those days that this hormone deficiency was likely to affect my bones. It wasn’t until much later on that the two things were linked.

Why did you choose Willowbrook?

I was in hospital with a hip fracture and had one of these hospital beds and discovered how much more comfortable they where with my very painful hip. I just thought that’s something we could do with and it is then we discovered Willowbrook. A very nice chap came to our home to show us how the bed worked. We ordered and once our bed had been specially made they took our old bed away and installed it for us.

How has your new Willowbrook adjustable bed helped?

It’s very good we can do our own thing as it would be difficult to come to compromise without it. Normally my husband has his back up and i prefer to have my feet up because my ankles swell in the evenings. The massage unit also sends me straight to sleep. I spent 9 hours in bed last night! I think nothing in the house is as valuable as our bed!

Would you like to see what difference a Willowbrook electric adjustable bed could have to your ability to sleep at night? Give our friendly team a call today on 01905 791200 to see how we could help. Alternatively, click here to view our full range of beds today.