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The Portofino Primo Adjustable Bed

Electric Orthopedic Bed

The Portofio Primo adjustable bed has all the benefits of the Portofino but with a convenient in-built ottoman style foot section, an position for a television, for example. The storage shelf has a surface entry point to hide unsightly TV cables – a great orthopedic bed.

  • Features luxury diamantes within the headboard
  • Low sweeping sides for easy access
  • In-built ottoman style foot section. Ideal place for your TV
  • Stylish round legs complete the look

Adjustable Bed Sizes

TypeBed Width6'36'67'
Single75cm - 2'6
Single90cm - 3'0
Single110cm - 3'6
Double120cm - 4'0
Double135cm - 4'6
Dual Control135cm - 4'6
Dual Control150cm - 5'0
Dual Control180cm - 6'0
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