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The Contessa

Adjustable Bed

Simplicity at its best with elegant lines and supportive comfort

The smooth, low sweeping line of The Contessa makes this a truly elegant and comfortable adjustable bed. The low foot section allows for easy access and is ideal for longer bedding, which can hang freely over the end of the bed.

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  • Sumptuously padded and upholstered surround with integrated head and footboard
  • Fitted with easy glide castors for ease of movement
  • Low foot section for easy access to end of bed
  • Five movement motorised action with remote control handset
  • Wide choice of mattress options

Adjustable Bed Sizes

TypeBed Width6'36'67'
Single75cm - 2'6
Single90cm - 3'0
Single110cm - 3'6
Double120cm - 4'0
Double135cm - 4'6
Dual Control135cm - 4'6
Dual Control150cm - 5'0
Dual Control180cm - 6'0
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