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Whether you need some extra help getting in and out of your chair, or you would like more flexibility whilst relaxing, a mobility chair can be a great help. While their practical benefits are clear, they have a whole host of other uses you may not have considered too. Here are some unexpected uses including seat exercising, getting creative, and more!

1. Discover the online you! Picture of lady on iPad

The Internet provides hours of entertainment without even leaving the comfort of your mobility chair!

The web can help us find friendship, learning, assistance, and you can discover a world of fun games too. Studies have even found that video games can keep our minds sharp and our reflexes nimble as we age.

Nowadays many mobility chairs also come with a choice of accessories to make the most of being online. Our handy tray table (pictured above) removes, swivels, charges devices and comes with USB charging and a light – ideal for your smart phone, tablet or simply reading a good book.

2. Nap time…any time!

Picture of lady napping on mobility chair

Who doesn’t like to take an occasional little nap now and then? When tiredness overcomes you and you fancy a little shuteye, a mobility chair provides the perfect place.

At the simple touch of a button you can conveniently adjust your back to the perfect position for your snooze, without leaving your chair!

3. Try Some Mobility Chair Exercises

Picture of lady exercising in mobility chair

It’s really important to keep active as you get older and what better way to keep fit, than from the comfort of your mobility chair?! Whether you choose leg lifts while watching TV, or knee bends while you’re chatting on the phone, there are some easy ways to keep fit whilst sitting.

Just 20 minutes of activity each day can work wonders for both your mobility and your mind set: lifting your mood, improving your balance and alleviating all kinds of aches and pains. So why not give it a go?

4. Get Your Knit On!

Try knitting in your mobility chair

Knitting and crochet have rapidly come back into fashion. Whether you are a novice or an expert, it’s a fun and affordable activity to enjoy from your mobility chair (unless you get carried away with buying wool, a common addiction of knitters and crocheters!).

You can make all sorts of beautiful and practical items for you and your home- get knitting today!

5. Treat Yourself To a Relaxing Massage

Experience luxury massage in your mobility chair

With the ability to enjoy either a full body massage or concentrated massage on one of five specific areas of your body, it’s no wonder inbuilt massage is one of our most popular accessories! The optional built-in massage system is the perfect way to bring complete luxury and relaxation to a new mobility chair.

The intensity of the massage is totally controllable and if you should doze off, the system switches off automatically. The benefits of this feature are vast and should be experienced by sufferers of numerous ailments*.

6. Get Creative With Colour

Try out colouring in your mobility chair

Another fun activity to try out whilst in your mobility chair, is colouring. Many shops now provide a wide selection of colouring books, especially made for adults, thanks to its growing popularity over the past few years.

Colouring books are perfect if you don’t have the artistic flare to draw from scratch but want to get creative for an hour or two.

Now is the perfect time to discover how comfortable, helpful and fun a mobility chair can be. We are offering up to 50% OFF* across our range – choose from riser recliners, matching sofas or adjustable beds. Great quality and service is now even better value!