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Advice for a good nights sleep


Having the correct support for your spine is imperative for deep and comfortable sleep.  Mattress quality is vital for the immediate and long-term condition of your spine. Our adjustable beds complete with Sensapaedic mattress allow a sleeping position that provides correct support to your body and spine. Using a Willowbrook adjustable bed can offer temporary positional relief from back ache and arthritic pain.

Adjustable bed with the Sensapaedic® mattress

adj-bed-correct-position-back2Total support to the whole length of the body, reducing pressure points, with the lower limbs aligned with the heart

adj-bed-correct-position-side2Total support to the full length of the body, promoting natural positioning of the spine and reduced pressure points with the lower limbs aligned with the heart.

Traditional Bed with Standard Mattress

adj-bed-incorrect-position-back-soft1Very bad posture, spine curving unnaturally.

adj-bed-incorrect-position-side-soft1Pressure points on shoulders and hips with poor positioning and support of the spine.

adj-bed-incorrect-position-back-firm1Pressure points on upper back, seat and lower legs with no support to lower back and legs, causing tension.

adj-bed-incorrect-position-side-firm1Discomfort caused by pressure points on shoulders, hips and lower legs and poor support for the spine.

YOUR FREE BROCHURE > Using an adjustable bed with massage is NOT a cure for any medical condition and you should not discontinue any current medication. If you have any concerns then contact your health care professional.

Massage system not recommended for use with a pacemaker.