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Mattress Options

Adjustable beds

The most important aspect of a great night’s sleep is ensuring you have a comfortable mattress to support you throughout the night. When choosing your Willowbrook adjustable bed, there are two mattress options for you to consider, to suit your specific needs:

Sensapaedic® Mattress


The Sensapaedic® mattress offers the ultimate in comfort

  • The Sensapaedic® mattress shapes itself to your body, supporting the hollow in the small of your back, whilst cradling your hips and shoulders to reduce pressure points
  • Especially designed for use with our beds, this 8inch* thick Advanced Polymer Technology mattress follows the contours of your body like no other mattress
  • Responds to your weight and body movements, providing excellent support and comfort throughout the night

Pocket Comfort Mattress


Responsive design combined with incredible comfort

  • At 9″ thick the Pocket Comfort Mattress provides you with complete comfort & support all night long
  • The parallel spring formation in the head and foot sections provides additional and gentle support to those areas
  • The springs are covered with layers of soft, polyester fibre and then covered with hard-wearing damask ticking
  • The mattress is then tufted in the traditional manner, ensuring the generous filling remains in place throughout the life of the mattress