How to Choose The Best Extra Wide Recliner

Extra wide recliner chair
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    Looking for the best extra wide recliner? Read this helpful guide where we share our top tips for keeping things simple.

    What is an Extra Wide Recliner?

    Extra wide recliners (or Bariatric recliners) are riser recliners that come in larger sizes than standard, so are able to support those with extra weight.

    How to Choose The Best Extra Wide Recliner Chair

    Extra wide recliner chairs can provide great support and comfort for people looking for a chair that can support extra weight.

    A problem many larger people find when using a standard chair is difficulty getting in and out of the chair itself.

    A wide bariatric recliner lifts you in and out of your chair effortlessly. At the simple touch of a button and all in a manner designed to support your body without stress. Sitting back down is just as easy, as the chair cushions you back into a seated position.

    Key Considerations

    It’s important to choose an extra wide recliner chair that has the correct seat depth, height, width and foot rest position. These factors are all essential for your long term comfort.

    It is also important to research the type and quantity of motors in the chair you are considering.

    Our extra wide bariatric chairs can incorporate up to 6 motors. They also have an extra wide seat base to ensure you are not only comfortable but stable and fully supported through all movements.

    Some cheaper manufacturers make their bariatric chairs with a scissor action. This means they have one weight-load point so are less stable.

    Our bariatric riser recliners spread weight evenly across a solid platform, ensuring optimum stability:

    • Hand-built by our craftsmen
    • Manufactured in the UK
    • Six motors with separate back, leg, tilt and rise functions
    • 40 stone weight capacity with 20 stone leg lift capacity

    What Financial Support is Available?

    If you suffer from a specific mobility problem or medical condition and require special equipment to live independently you may qualify for VAT exemption. This will save you 20%. Visit the HMRC website for more information on VAT relief for disabled people.

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