How does a recliner chair work?

Riser recliner chair
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    Riser recliner chairs (also commonly known as electric recliner chairs or riser recliner armchairs) can be beneficial to those people who may otherwise need help when rising from a normal armchair.

    So how does a riser recliner chair work? It works off mains-power and has a built in motor to rise and recline the chair. This is operated by a simple hand-held control connected to the recliner. The low-voltage motor gently and safely adjusts the chair to a position that suits you best from reclining to fully risen.

    How does a riser recliner chair work?


    At the push of a button, the rising action allows you to rise to your feet safely and easily. This prevents you from putting too much pressure on your joints, allowing you to get up with ease.

    How does a riser recliner chair work?


    Riser recliners are made to your individual needs and requirements. With the correct supportive cushioning, you’ll find them extremely comfortable – ideal for sitting in your chair for long periods of time.

    How does a riser recliner chair work?

    Feet up

    By putting your feet up and reclining the back section, weight and strain is taken off your feet and legs. This is an ideal position for reading, watching TV or keeping your legs elevated for medical reasons.

    How does a riser recliner chair work?


    The reclining action allows you to get into the optimum position of comfort, which can help alleviate aches and pains, especially when sat down for long periods of time.

    How does a riser recliner chair work?

    The Willowbrook Difference

    • Willowbrook riser recliners are designed and built to make standing and sitting an effortless task.
    • Hand-built in Britain, with a Willowbrook riser recliner you can be assured that you are receiving a recliner that has been made to the highest of standards, inside and out.
    • Our riser recliner lift and recline action is one of the best available.
    • Some cheaper riser recliner models, like foreign imports, often have a scissor action which means they have one weight-load point, making the riser recliner less stable.
    • Our riser recliners spread weight evenly across a platform, ensuring optimum stability and maximum comfort.

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