What is the Best Furniture For Arthritis Sufferers?

best furniture for arthritis
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    What is the Best Furniture For Arthritis Sufferers?

    If you suffer from Arthritis pain, everyday activities such as sleeping, sitting, and relaxing can start to make you feel uncomfortable after a while. One way to overcome this is to invest in correctly fitted mobility furniture. But what is the best furniture for Arthritis sufferers?

    What is Arthritis?

    Firstly, it’s important to understand what Arthritis is.

    Arthritis is a term used to describe a broad range of conditions causing pain, swelling, and stiffness in your joints.

    There are hundreds of types of arthritis. Whilst it is commonly associated with older people, it affects people of all ages, genders, and races.

    What Causes Arthritis Pain?

    Currently, there is no single known cause of arthritis pain. It is thought that it can be caused by a variety of factors which can include:

    • Genetics
    • Injury
    • Smoking
    • Infection

    What are the Symptoms of Arthritis Pain?

    Whilst the symptoms you experience will vary by your type of arthritis, you will be likely to experience one or more of the below symptoms:

    • Joint pain, tenderness, and stiffness
    • Inflammation in and around your joints
    • Limited mobility of your joints
    • Weakness and muscle wasting

    Do I have the right mobility furniture for Arthritis Pain?

    If you have arthritis, it is essential to choose the right mobility furniture to suit your needs.

    The two rooms you spend the majority of your time in are your living room and bedroom. You should consider:

    • Are you finding it difficult to get in and out of your chair or sofa?
    • Do you get more aches and pains after you’ve been sitting for a while?
    • To feel more comfortable do you have to use extra cushions on your chair or bed to support you ?
    • Do you toss and turn in bed trying to get into the best position for sleep?

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should think about getting a riser recliner or adjustable bed that’s properly designed for your needs.

    What is the Best Furniture for Arthritis Sufferers?

    The best armchair for Arthritis:

    If you suffer from any of the Arthritis symptoms we’ve mentioned above, a riser recliner chair could help:

    • Rise with Ease– The great thing about riser recliners is that they help you to relax into the chair before you’re even sat down. If you find the simple task of getting into and out of your current chair is hard work, a riser recliner makes it easy and effortless, placing no strain on your arms, legs or hips. At the touch of a button (through an easy to use remote control) the chair can rise to help you in and out of it.
    • Take the pressure off– By putting your feet up and reclining the back section slightly, this will take the weight and strain off your lower legs and feet.
    • Spread your weight– By spreading your weight evenly a riser recliner can help you to feel more comfortable. You’ll be able to stay sat down for longer which is important, especially if due to a medical condition you spend a lot of time in your chair
    • Adjust to your needs– At the touch of a button a riser recliner can move forwards and backward into a resting position, which is perfect for a snooze
    • Sit comfortably for longer– With the correct supportive cushioning, they are extremely comfortable and ideal if you will be sitting in your chair for long periods of time
    • Help with poor circulation- Improved leg elevation can help improve circulation (and it’s a wonderfully relaxing way to watch TV!
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    Adjustable Beds Can Help You Sleep In Comfort

    If you suffer from Arthritis, Willowbrook adjustable beds make it easier to get comfortable.

    So rather than you moving your body to suit the bed, your bed will move to suit you – giving you a sleeping position, that will correctly support your body and spine.

    The ability to adapt your mattress position to support you in all the right places gives an incredible boost to your well-being and quality of sleep:

    Side sleeping- Contoured positioning for a relaxing rest.

    By adjusting your bed, the spine can stay aligned to alleviate pressure on the hips. This position provides greater comfort for those who prefer to sleep on their side.

    best furniture for arthritis sufferers

    Feet raised- Simply put your feet up and relax.

    For those troubled by aches and pains, raising the foot section of the bed can help you to enjoy temporary positional relief – perfect for relaxing after walking or standing around all day.

    best furniture for arthritis sufferers

    Sleep contour- Contoured positioning for a relaxing rest.

    Your spine is curved, yet a traditional bed is flat. By adjusting the bed, the common foetal position can be assumed when lying on your back; this means the body is totally and evenly supported.

    best furniture for arthritis sufferers

    Head and feet raised- for easy resting through the day.

    An ideal position for relaxed reading or watching television, this position also makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

    Best furniture for arthritis sufferers

    What should I look for when Choosing the Best Furniture For Arthritis Sufferers?

    Made To Measure

    Everyone is slightly different, so make sure that your mobility furniture is hand-built – one size does not fit all, and something from a standard production line might not be suitable to your individual needs.

    British made chairs and beds also have a very good reputation for quality and craftsmanship. It can help a lot if you have been seen by a comfort consultant who would be able to give you personal advice, usually in the comfort of your own home.

    You should check that your chair and bed will be as tailor-made as possible. That’s why Willowbrook hand-build our chairs and beds in the UK, and arrange no-obligation personal consultations, so you can get a really comfortable supportive chair.

    Can you ‘upgrade’ your furniture?

    When looking for the best furniture for Arthritis, you should look for furniture that comes with quality accessories to make your day pass smoothly and comfortably.

    From additional head cushions and arm covers to reading lamps, good mobility furniture for arthritis should come with accessories.

    At Willowbrook, there is also an in-built heating option with our riser recliners, as well as built-in massage system for complete relaxation and comfort – you can enjoy either a full body or concentrated massage on one of five specific areas. It’s very popular. You can find out more by clicking here.

    Storage is also available on our riser recliners, with pockets and even a convenient new storage armrest for essentials.

    Other Factors To Consider

    • Ensure you have enough space to move easily between furniture
    • Choose lever handles rather than knobs, which can be difficult to turn
    • Store items you regularly use inline with the middle of your body to prevent unnecessary strain
    • Secure loose carpets that could be a tripping hazard

    How Can I Find Out More About The Best Furniture For Arthritis Sufferers?

    So there you have it – some sound advice on what to look for when finding the best furniture for arthritis sufferers.

    If you are experiencing difficulties getting in and out of your chair or struggling to get comfortable in bed, you could find that a new riser recliner or adjustable bed will make life a lot easier.

    With 50% off selected items in our range, there really has never been a better time to start your search. Get in touch today on 0800 854330 to find out more.

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