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Hello Spring! It’s that time of year we have all been waiting for and we’re very excited – we can finally say goodbye to the winter blues. It feels like we’ve all had a long winter this time round but worry no more, you can now sit back, relax and watch all the flowers start to bloom as the warm weather rolls in.

What’s the next best thing that comes with Spring? Spring activities! We have come up with a list of activities that we feel would be great for you to do this Spring. All cost effective, accessible and fun!

Read on for some ‘Springsperation’…


Spring Clean

clothes on a washing line

A personal favourite of ours, the annual spring clean!

This one is a must do. There is nothing better than getting rid of all the junk that has built up over time. The great thing about a spring clean is that it’s cheap, you don’t need to leave your home and you come across a lot of things that you may have once forgotten about. Best of all a clean home makes for a clear mind, there’s something about cleaning that get’s weight off your shoulders.

It’s important to get your daily exercise in, and cleaning the house is a great way to burn those calories and get your heart pumping. Not only that but de-cluttering is great for the mind, and the perfect stress reliever. So, if ever you feel stressed, a spring clean could be all you need.

Guaranteed whenever you decide to do a deep clean of your home, you will come across an item that you forgot about. It may be an item that makes you reminisce about the old times and bring back nice memories. There may also be unwanted items that you come across; if you’re unsure with what to do with these items but don’t want them lying around then a great idea is to donate them to a charity… one mans junk is another man’s treasure, right!



woman baking pastries

Sweet or savoury?

You don’t need to be a good baker to be able to bake. Those who do it for living or as a one off, I think we can all agree…baking is fun! We all love food, it brings a lot of joy for some to be able to cook for their loved ones, especially when they enjoy your food.

There are lots of different things you can bake. Whether you want to bake cupcakes, pies, bread, cookies… The list really is endless. No matter what you decide, it allows your creativity to flow as you decorate to your hearts content.

If you’re not a confident baker, there are lots of recipes online for you to follow and a lot of them are very simple too. Get some extra helping hands to help you along the way if you need to, it will only add to the fun.

There’s something to bake for every level so you don’t have to miss out!

Top Tip! Get the grandchildren involved. It’s special bonding time and you can guarantee they would love it!


Read a book

Woman sat in a green Newhmpton Willowbrook riser recliner chair

Immersing yourself into a new book is always great to do no matter what time of year it is. There’s no specific time or place to read, as long as you feel comfortable that’s all that matters.

If you have a to-do list then make it a challenge to get through as many books as you can until the new season comes in. Eliminating books off your to do list will make you feel accomplished and there are so many advantages to reading too, and is brilliant for the imagination.

Maybe you want to re-read an old book. There’s nothing wrong with that, reading old books brings back joy as you reminisce. It can even bring back feelings and remind you of a time and place and maybe even smells. So, we definitely think it’s great to re-read those books you used to love.

Find yourself a comfortable spot to read. If you’re reading from home we recommend looking into our riser recliner chairs that offer luxurious comfort and support making it perfect for settling down with a book. You can even add a reading light for late evening reading too! Go on- put your feet up – you deserve it!

If you’re looking for any book recommendations, a personal favourite is the classic, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. Or if you’re looking for a funny heart-warming read then ‘A Man Called Ove’ by Fredrik Backman is a great go to.

Feed the birds

Bird resting by food in a bird house

Picture this… It’s early morning and you wake up to the birds chirping and singing to each other. What a feel-good feeling. It’s the sign that spring is officially here.

Bird feeding is a lovely activity to get into to bring you closer to nature. Being able to observe the birds in their natural habitat is very calming to observe and takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while. It’s also a great way of learning all the different breeds of bird too.

It’s the perfect activity to get you out the house, even if it is in your own back garden. Getting the fresh air is good for you and you’ll be soaking in some much-needed vitamin D so your body will be thanking you for it too.

Did you know? Bird watching offers relaxation and decreases stress. Not only that but feeding the birds encourages a steady food source for them, so you’re helping them out too!


Coffee Shops

people sat in a coffee shop

Coffee shops can be really uplifting places to socialise in because of the great atmosphere they provide. They’re perfect to either go on your own or leisure with a group of friends and have a little catch up.

You will find that in most coffee shops they have a community board with posters of what is going on locally. It’s a great chance to see if there is anything on that you fancy going to whether it’s a play, tribute night or even any social clubs you could join.

The best thing about coffee shops are the people you meet. Everybody has a story and you can be guaranteed that somebody will be interested in yours. Don’t be afraid to talk to others, it’s a great way to get making new friends and speaking to the younger generation.

Top Tip! Coffee shops are not just for coffee…or tea! Push the boat out and go for a wacky drink, you might surprise yourself.



a person planting a flower in the garden

As the days get warmer, it’s time to start getting your gardening gloves out!

Gardening comes with many benefits; exercising being one them. It may not seem like your exercising but you’re actually giving your body a mini workout. With regular gardening – which is great to do in the springtime – you will see yourself getting fitter.

Getting in the garden is a great way of getting some fresh air which will help to reduce stresses that you may have. A clear mind is a happy mind, so being in the outdoors will help you if you’re feeling a bit low. Not only that but soaking in the sun is the perfect way of getting that much needed vitamin D in your system.

We understand that some people struggle socialising or may feel a bit bored or struggle to find activities after retirement. Well, something that may be of interest to you are community gardens. They’re a brilliant way of getting social and to help combat any loneliness too. You can also learn a lot from others too. Positives all round!

Top Tip! Now is the best time to start looking at what plants you want to start planting for the warmer weather.


See a play

a theater full of people

The theatre offers many different plays to go and see. Find out what’s on at your local!

If you’re in retirement or living on you own then it’s important to get yourself out the house and mix with other people, it doesn’t even need to be a huge crowd. Just big enough to get you out the house and being around others, it will help your mental well-being if you’re feeling a bit lonely.

Going out to watch a play or even just going to the cinema is a great way to mix. You could always use this as alone time outside the home and go on your own, or, find a friend and see if there is anything interesting that you both like and go together.

Why don’t you make a day of it and get some food later on?



An elderly man holding his grandson's hand whilst walking in the forest

Warmer weather, flowers blooming, longer days…why not go for a walk?

Experiencing nature is relaxing, it’s the perfect way to free your head of any worries and de-stress. Best of all it’s free!

There are no big necessities to be able to go for a walk. It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather though. Make sure to wear cooler clothes if the weather is warm, and vice versa. It’s also important to have a comfortable pair of shoes too so you can be comfortable on your walk.

There are many different places to go and can be as long or as short as you like. The benefits you will get from going out will far outweigh staying in. This is a great form of exercise, so regularly going for a walk will help you get fitter and help your confidence grow if you’re worried about your balance.

You don’t need to walk alone. Go with a friend or family, making it an event will make it much more fun for you. Go the extra mile and take a picnic with you! The choice is yours.


We hope all of these activities put a spring in your step and help you shake off those winter blues! If there are any springtime activities you enjoy then head on over to our Facebook page and share your ideas! We love hearing from you.