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When it comes venetian-featuredto buying a riser recliner chair there are so many different companies to choose from, which can become  a daunting prospect.

Over the last few years as the popularity of riser recliner chairs has increased numerous companies have sprung up, making various claims about their pedigree and qualities.

As one of the most established companies in the market we have been looking at some of the claims our competitors have been making and hereby offer our explanation into some of them.




Made in Britain. There are basically two types of recliner, one that is made in to UK and one that is imported, usually from China. The UK made ones are normally those which have to be especially made to suit a customer’s needs, this could be fabric, colour, size or specification – thus needing to be made locally. The imported versions are fixed sizes, have limited colours and are more often cheaply made and are not of great quality.

Willowbrook have always prided themselves on quality and comfort, our materials are of the highest quality and meet or surpass all current stringent UK regulations. However our direct approach and efficiencies result in real value for money for its customers.

From our own factory. Very few companies that we know of actually have their own factory; they are a sales organisation that uses a sub-contractor to make their goods. These companies are often very new but use the sub-contractors credentials such as their time in business to give them credibility.

At Willowbrook our factory is indeed in the UK in the heart of the Black Country in the West Midlands. It owned by the company as are its delivery vehicles – a proper, legitimate and quality business.

Large discounts. Often we see companies that offer buy one get one free or the like but on an obscure product, the ones that you want to buy are not available at the offer price and several rules are broken to get you interested.

At Willowbrook we always play fair and our advertising and offers.

Great service. This is another claim that can be open for interpretation, we know of several companies that have gone out of business and left customers literally in the lurch. Others will only have a warranty that means the customer has to return the product to the place of purchase whilst other companies rely on sub-contractors who can take weeks to see to a repair, often without the right knowledge, tools or spare parts to complete the job first time.

Willowbrook employs its own engineers who will visit promptly by appointment to the customers home and repair or replace faulty parts. Our 18 years of very successful trading is testament that we will be around for many decades to come.