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Do you have a mobility issue that now makes exercise rather difficult? Fear not.

Did you know there are a number of simple & fun ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine, all from the comfort of your riser recliner chair? So sit back, relax and give these 5 fun ‘Chairobics’ a go!


1. Finger tapping

Begin by touching your index fingers with your thumbs. Then tap each of your fingers in turn with your thumbs and then return to the start of the sequence.
Repeat this sequence 10-20 times.


2. Hip Marching

If you would like to improve your flexibility and strengthen your hips and thighs, this is a great seat exercise to try. Whist sitting upright (no leaning on the back of your recliner!)hold on to the sides of your chair. Next lift up your leg, bending your knee as much as is comfortable and then place your foot down with control. Repeat with your opposite leg. Do five lifts with each leg.

3. Ear and nose touch

Grab your nose with your left hand whilst grabbing your left earlobe with your right hand. Make sure to grab your ear and nose with a light touch using your index finger and thumb. Clap your hands. Repeat the nose and ear grabbing from the first step, but this time grab your nose with your right hand and your right earlobe with your left hand.

4. Coordination exercises

Practice drawing triangles with both hands. Starting at the top, use your hands or index fingers to draw right angle triangles. Then return to the starting position at the top. Each triangle requires you to perform three movements. Practice this action several times with your left hand mirroring the actions of your right hand.

5. Neck stretches

This is a brilliant exercise if you suffer from tight neck muscles and will help with your flexibility. Whilst sat in your riser recliner sit straight with your shoulders down. Looking forwards slowly turn your head towards your left shoulder as far as is comfortable. Hold for five seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat on the right. Do three rotations on each side.


By building up these exercises slowly, you’ll not only help to improve your strength but your balance and co-ordination too. So don’t delay- try some of these seat exercises today! It can be a great way to keep active and lift your mood.  Let us know how you get on.

Images courtesy of the NHS and National Federation of Gymnastics ‘Love to Move’ programme