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Dual adjustable beds, or split king adjustable beds, have become increasingly popular over the past few years. If you have very different sleep preferences to your partner you’ll soon understand why! If you’re after a bed that looks as great as it feels comfortable and is suitable for you and your partners very different sleeping habits, a dual adjustable bed could be the solution.

So, what is a Dual Adjustable bed?

A dual adjustable bed combines all the benefits of an adjustable bed, with the added convenience of separate adjustable sides of the bed.

Dual adjustable beds include two single sized mattresses positioned side by side which can be raised and lowered individually on top of one large base. This helps partners with different sleep preferences to feel comfortable while maintaining the closeness in the same bed.

Couple sleeping on dual adjustable bed

Advantages of Dual Adjustable beds

Here are just a few of the ways an dual adjustable bed could improve your sleep:

  • Mattress firmness– If you and your partner have different preferences, such as how firm you like your mattress to be, you can each choose your firmness without impacting on the others sleep.
  • Temporary positional relief– If you suffer from arthritis, back or other joint pains, you can elevate the head or foot section of your bed to help with circulation and support, providing some much needed positional relief.
  • Different sleep positions– You may like to sleep on your side, while your partner may prefer to sleep more upright. Either way a dual adjustable bed allows you to control the position separately from your partner.
  • Less disruption – If your partner is constantly changing sleep positions during the night or getting in and out of bed, a split bed will minimize the motion transfer and let you sleep peacefully.
  • Anti snore– If your partner is a snorer, then a dual adjustable bed allows the top end of the bed to ease their breathing without impacting your sleep.
  • Clearly defined space– A popular benefit for some couples is the fact that you have clearly defined sides of your bed (perfect if your partner tends to sneak over to your side during the night!).

Dual adjustable beds can improve your sleep

How to Find Out More

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why dual adjustable beds are so popular! To find out more about how one of our dual adjustable beds could improve your sleep, call 0800 854 330 or view our entire range.