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Are you beginning your search for the perfect riser recliner? Much like finding your soul mate, your ideal seat mate requires a complex combination of looks and personality! At Willowbrook our riser recliners are made in a variety of designs, colours and fabrics. This means no matter your taste, you’ll be able to find a recliner as individual as you are. Read on to discover which Willowbrook riser recliner could be the best match for your personality and lifestyle!

The Book Lover

The Hanbury Riser Recliner

If your idea of a perfect afternoon involves relaxing in a cosy chair with your favourite book and a hot drink, then The Hanbury would be the perfect riser recliner for you.

Available with an optional 4-in-1 Powered Tray Table (featured) you can balance your book on the handy table and turn the light on as it gets darker. Your perfect companion for spending relaxing afternoons lost in a book.

The Nature Lover

The Venice Riser Recliner

If you love nothing more than being outdoors, then The Venice riser recliner could be your ideal match.

Fully upholstered in a beautiful floral fabric and available in a choice of colours, this riser recliner really helps to bring the outside in, providing a relaxing atmosphere for your living room.

The Modernist

The California Riser Recliner

Simplicity is the hallmark of the contemporary home. If you prefer a modern, sleek and clean design, look no further than The California Swivel riser recliner.

Featuring a stylish chrome base, the 360º swivel action allows you to combine the positional support of a riser recliner chair with the convenience of a swivel chair.

The Hostess 

Matching riser recliner sofa sets

If you’ve got a family or friends who often visit, then you’ll need an option which can not only can fit everyone on it but withstand the test of time and grandchildren too!

Opt for a matching riser recliner and sofa set which offers space, style and comfort. Available in two or three seater options and in a variety of fabric choices and colours, your friends and family will feel right at home.

The Organiser 

The Newhampton Riser Recliner

More of an A-type personality than B? Consider yourself to be the organised sort? You’ll love the choice of accessories available with The Newhampton riser recliner.

From side pockets to organise your magazines to inbuilt storage arms to hide everything away, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

We hope this has helped you in your search for the perfect riser recliner for your personality and lifestyle. Don’t forget that you can personalise any of these riser recliners with fabrics, colours and styles to suit you. If you’re still looking for your perfect match please click here to view our entire riser recliner range. Alternatively fill in the form to order your free colour brochure today.