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Do you suffer from poor sleep due to your arthritis? If so, you will be aware of how disrupted sleep can affect your quality of life. Arthritis can actually be worsened by poor sleep quality. Studies have shown that sleep problems not only increase levels of stress hormones but can aggravate flares. Here at Willowbrook, we want to help you sleep better at night, so have put together 5 useful tips to help you get to sleep better if you suffer from arthritis:

1. Consider a warm bath

Not only do baths help you relax, which will help you to sleep better, they can also help with pain relief. Warm water helps your tissues to expand, which increases blood flow to soothe your areas of pain. If you struggle to get in and out the bath but would love to enjoy all the benefits a warm bath could bring, take a look at the AquaLift bath lift today.


2. Get comfortable

You wouldn’t believe what difference a comfortable bed has on your ability to sleep, especially if you suffer from joint pain. If you would like extra control over how you sleep, an adjustable bed gives you the flexibility to adjust your bed to the most comfortable sleeping position. This can provide temporary positional relief from your joint pain. Plus, the ability to elevate your joints can help reduce swelling.

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3. Keep to a routine

Routines help to regulate your sleep wake cycle, which will help you to sleep better at night. Try and go to sleep and wake up at the same time where possible. This includes weekends too.


4. Watch what you drink

Food and drink such as tea, coffee and alcohol act as stimulants meaning you will find it more difficult to sleep when you go to bed. Avoid these drinks to give you the best chance of sleeping properly at night time.


5. Exercise

Not only is exercise incredibly good for you, it helps you sleep too. Exercise helps to keep your arthritic joints supple which can help to reduce your pain. Even light exercise such as walking for 10 minutes can improve your sleep quality at night.


We hope these tips will help you get a better nights sleep. If you are having consistent problems with your arthritis disrupting your sleep, we advise bringing this up with your healthcare advisor.