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Finally Sit in Comfort

The wear and tear of aging can lead to a number of painful problems affecting the knees, hips and back.

Rise and recline chairs can offer temporary positional relief from these ailments by providing a supportive, comfortable place for you to relax.

At the touch of a button your feet can be lifted and your back reclined. This helps to improve your circulation, plus it’s a great position for you to relax while watching TV or enjoying a snooze.

Rise With Ease

If you find the task of getting into and out of your current chair is hard work, rise and recline chairs makes it easy and effortless.

Our rise and recline chairs will get you to your feet at the touch of a button. Then help you sit back down slowly and gently, taking the strain off your knees and hips.

Rise and recline with ease with rise and recline chairs

Made to Measure

With the correct support, rise and recline chairs are supremely comfortable. Perfect if you will be sitting in your chair for long periods of time.

At Willowbrook, we understand that not everyone is the same size, shape, weight or height- so neither are our chairs!

During your no obligation free home demonstration we can take all the details we need to hand build a chair which is perfectly sized to fit you. This takes into account the correct seat depth, width height and foot position for you (see below) so your recliner will give you the best possible support and comfort.

Rise and recline chairs custom made for your complete support

It’s The Inside That Counts

Whilst two recliners might be a similar style and colour, it’s what’s underneath that makes all the difference.

Our rise and recline action is one of the best available. Some cheaper models often have a scissor action which means they have one weight-load point, making the recliner less stable. Our rise and recline chairs spread weight evenly across a platform, ensuring optimum stability and maximum comfort.


You’ve earned the right to feel comfortable, so enjoy sitting comfortably in your chosen rise and recline chair.

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