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Would you like to buy a new orthopedic bed but are unsure what you should consider before you get started? Take a look at these 4 factors which will help you get one step ahead when beginning your search:

1. How much space do you have?

Always choose the biggest orthopedic bed that can fit in the space you have available. As a general rule, we normally find that the more room you have, the better sleep you will have.

2. Consider how you and your partner like to sleep

If you or your partner like to sleep in different positions at night, then it would be better for you to purchase a dual operated bed. This allows you to move each side of the bed independently of your partners resulting in better sleep.

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3. Check the features you could get with your orthopedic bed that may help you:

Many manufacturers offer a variety of accessories to personalise your orthopedic bed to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. You may want to consider the following:

4. Try before you buy

The best way to know if an orthopedic bed is right for you is by testing it before you purchase.

Sit on the mattress options available to see if you prefer a harder or softer mattress. Sample the fabrics and view the styles on offer to you.

Remember, you should try as many orthopedic bed options as possible to find the best bed for you. Many reputable companies will even offer a free home demonstration. During this demo you can try out your potential new bed from the comfort of your own home.

The next steps

After you’ve made these considerations, the next step is to begin your search for the perfect orthopedic bed. Click here to view the beautiful range of Willowbrook orthopedic beds on offer today