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Adjustable Beds V Conventional Beds

Those of you who have been considering purchasing an adjustable bed may be wondering exactly whether they are worth the investment. The truth is, there are many benefits that an adjustable bed can offer you, from health to comfort. We decided to write this article to show you how they compare to conventional beds.

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

Firstly, you may be wondering exactly what is an adjustable bed. In short, they are beds which can be adjusted to help you to find the sleeping and resting positions that offer you the optimum amount of comfort. Furthermore, this enables you to receive the best possible nights sleep.

Not only do adjustable beds offer you maximum comfort, they also have several other benefits. These include temporary positional pain relief and enhanced independence.

What Positions Do Willowbrook Adjustable Beds Offer?

The Contour:

The human spine is naturally formed in a curved ‘S’ shape. The contour position offers the ultimate support to your back, by moulding to the natural shape of your spine. This relieves pressure from the sciatic nerve, offering you maximum comfort and reducing the likelihood of waking up with back pain. On the other hand, traditional beds are flat and thus don’t offer the required support that your back and spine need.

Adjustable beds: The contour

Side Sleeping:

Alike the contour position, the side sleeping position provides the same support and comfort to the spine for those who sleep on their side. This helps to relieve pressure from your lower back and hips. The side sleeping position is perfect for those who suffer from acid reflux and heartburn too!

Adjustable beds: Side sleeping

Feet Raised:

Long days can lead to aching legs and feet, particularly for those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis. Raising your feet in bed can offer temporary pain relief by improving circulation and helping to reduce the fluid in your feet and ankles.

Adjustable beds: Feet raised

Head & Feet Raised:

This position is particularly beneficial to individuals with limited mobility, who find it difficult to get in and out of bed. By having your legs and head raised, it makes it slightly easier for you to swing your body around to get into and out of your bed. This can also help you to regain your independence in the bedroom.

On top of this, this position offers you the maximum comfort when you are unwinding in bed. Relax in comfort with your favourite book or watching your favourite TV show.

Adjustable beds: Feet and head raised

Other Benefits Of Adjustable Beds:

Being able to find the optimum comfortable sleeping position isn’t the only benefit of an adjustable bed, there are many more too! Here are just a few of them:

Helps To Alleviate Snoring & Sleep Apnoea:

By keeping your head raised, weight is taken off the windpipe, reducing the likelihood of snoring. Similarly, sleeping in an angled position helps to improve airflow & reduce obstructions in the nasal passages. This helps to reduce symptoms of sleep apnoea.

Temporary Positional Back Pain Relief:

As stated before, by adjusting your bed to mould to the shape of your spine, pressure can be relieved from your back and sciatic nerve. This reduction of pressure can help to temporarily relieve back pain. Find out more about how adjustable beds can relieve back pain here.

Temporary relief from back pain


Enhance Your Lifestyle:

If you have a condition or disability that affects your mobility, an adjustable bed can help you to live more independently. Similarly, the frustrations of trying to find a comfortable sleeping position using pillows to aid you can be relieved. An adjustable bed offers a more permanent solution to finding a comfortable sleeping position than using multiple pillows.

Furthermore, dual adjustable beds can help to improve relationships. If you and your partner both have different preferred sleeping positions, you will be able to each choose a position that suits you, enabling you both to get the best possible nights sleep.

Help To Ease Insomnia:

Insomnia sufferers find it hard to sleep at night, and once they do get to sleep, often wake up throughout the night. Often these restless nights can be caused by pain. An adjustable bed helps you to find a sleeping position that helps to temporarily relieve pain, thus helping you to get a better nights rest.

Optional In-Built Massage:

Imagine falling asleep every night with a nice, relaxing massage! Optional in-built massage systems allow you to enjoy either a full body or a concentrated massage on one of five areas of your body. See more of our optional accessories here!

Relax with an in-built massage sytsem

How Do They Compare To Traditional, Conventional Beds?

Adjustable beds offer a variety of different benefits to users, whether that is improved sleep and comfort, or temporary relief of a medical condition. On top of this, they can be particularly great for those who suffer from limited mobility, allowing them to enter and exit their bed with ease again.

Although pillows can help you to adjust your sleeping position in a conventional bed, this can often become frustrating. On top of this, when you move around in the night, so do the pillows. With an adjustable bed, the mattresses position will stay the same all night long, unless you choose to adjust it with the simple push of a button.

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