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testimonial-hpIf you are finding it difficult to sit down or get up from your chair, you may find you need to look at a riser recliner chair to help you sit down and stand up with ease. Getting the dimensions of your new riser recliner chair correct is crucial in terms of the comfort, support and pressure distribution it provides.  When trying to find the best riser recliner chair, you should also consider the following 5 factors:


  1. Medical Benefits 

    Think about what is right for you when looking at the best options for a riser recliner chair, first consider health benefits rather than just the look of the chair alone. A riser recliner can improve your lifestyle greatly, offer you temporary positional support for backache, arthritic pain and aching joints plus improve your circulation.

  2. Comfort

    When you sit on the riser recliner, how comfortable does it feel on your legs, back, bottom and neck? Make sure to test this whilst sat in the upright and reclined positions.

  3. Support 

    How well supported does your neck, back, bottom and legs feel in the chair? If your chair is too large or small it can often lead to aches and pains to worsen. Have a look at this helpful guide beforehand to see if your riser recliner supports you correctly. If your riser recliner is to help improve positional relief, mobility and comfort, it is vital you have the right chair size. At Willowbrook Mobility Direct, our recliners are built around you and every little detail will be taken into consideration to make you as comfortable as possible. 

  4. Pressure distribution

    Do you feel like you are slanting forward or backwards in your chair which is putting more pressure on certain parts of your body? The foam in your riser recliner chair should mold to your body which will spread pressure more evenly, easing pressure points making you feel more comfortable.

  5. Ease of use 

    How easy do you find the control to use on the riser recliner chair? Do the instructions all make sense to you? Make sure you consider these points when trying out your riser recliner.

At Willowbrook, your comfort is our priority. Our riser recliner chairs are built around you and every little detail will be taken into consideration to make you as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about our riser recliner chairs, or would like to receive a free colour brochure through the post then please click here.

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