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Sleeping Well Over 50

The truth is that sleeping well is essential for anyone, but especially for older people, because sleep is important when it comes to defending the body against viruses. A good night’s sleep improves both emotional well-being and physical health. Moreover,

Stop Smoking And Sleep Better Too

There are over 10 million British adults who smoke cigarettes and last year more than 160,000 people managed to stop smoking through the month of October with the Stoptober campaign. The idea behind the campaign is if you stop for

How to get a good night’s sleep

According to the new Good-Night Guide from The Sleep Council, sleep restriction can help people who only manage limited sleep, to fall asleep faster and wake up fewer times. It’s a new approach to helping problem sleepers, the idea being

Doubles are the new ‘singles’

With the news that sales of single beds are down by nine per cent in the past four years while those of doubles are up, The Sleep Council says the Race for Space in bigger beds can only be good

Sleepless Britain

Almost half of Britons say that stress or worry keeps them awake at night. According to a major report published by The Sleep Council, the economic downturn has meant that many people are too anxious to sleep: almost half of

Create the perfect sleep environment

According to The Sleep Council, it’s not just about looks, but light, temperature, feel and even smell that are important in creating the perfect sleep environment. Creating – and maintaining – the perfect sleep environment is an essential and logical

The importance of a good night’s sleep

BBC News has recently done an article on how sleep deprivation can cause severe consequences to our health. We have seen many examples of research that has shown how vital sleep is to our health however this latest news article