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The truth is that sleeping well is essential for anyone, but especially for older people, because sleep is important when it comes to defending the body against viruses. A good night’s sleep improves both emotional well-being and physical health. Moreover, it improves concentration and allows the body to repair any cell damage that has occurred during the day.

Top Causes of Sleep Changes

As we age, our bodies change. These changes might catch us off guard. Before looking at some precious tips on how to have a more profound sleep, it is important to see what the causes of fragmented sleep are.

  • Health. Many conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma, nighttime heartburn and menopause can interfere with sleep patterns, therefore keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you have been feeling unwell, it’s important to consult your doctor to make sure you get the right support.
  • Poor “Sleep Hygiene”. According to a recent study, over 80% of all older people who deal with insomnia have a poor sleep environment and poor sleep hygiene. Examples of such include consumption of alcohol prior to bedtime, irregular sleep hours and napping during the day.
  • Lack of Exercise. Older people with a sedentary lifestyle will always feel the need for sleep. By practicing exercises early in the day you can avoid insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

How to Sleep Better

The good news is that you can deal with poor sleep hygiene and counteract the negative effects of erratic sleep patterns. Improve your sleep hygiene by following these steps:

Support Your Back and Neck

It is extremely important to get comfortable bedding to support your neck and back. Use comfortable pillows in order to make sure your body feels great. Willowbrook’ adjustable beds can provide the correct support for your body for a comfy sleep.

Decrease Noise

Another important factor that will promote a good sleeping environment is reducing noise. If you have noisy neighbours or a partner who snores, it’s a good idea to invest in ear plugs.

Drink a Warm Beverage

Ensure you have a warm beverage a little while before bed, especially during the winter season. The effect of cooling down after having a warm drink has a soporific effect on the body, which can help you to nod off.

Play Soft Background Music

In order to ensure that you will get a proper night’s sleep, try to play a few tracks you love each night before bedtime. Some people have declared that they find this habit extremely calming, quite soothing and helps them to get in the habit of falling asleep easily.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Remember that being too cold or hot greatly diminishes the chances of getting a good night’s sleep. It might be time to treat yourself to a new pair of pajamas!

Author bio:

Ana is a blogger for Acute Healthcare, Australia, who likes to write in her spare time. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures and customs. She writes about travel, fashion and lifestyle and health and nutrition. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, going out and reading, but most of all she loves her sleep and nap times