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Here at Willowbrook we have been very excited to have recently launched our new TV advert for the Aqualift.

We have created this video to show you how the Aqualift works and how easy it is to use by detailing each step for you. Not only does the Aqualift unit allow those who suffer with a lack of mobility to enjoy full depth bathing once again but it will also make bathing much safer and more comfortable within the home. We feel that this is a fantastic way in which to show you how beneficial having an Aqualift in your home could be. Let us know what you think by contacting us on sales@willowbrook.co.uk

We have also made a short video for an adjustable bed, riser recliner and Aqualift unit. Click on the videos to view them and learn more about how these products work and the benefits that you can gain from them.

We hope that these will give you more of an idea of exactly what a riser recliner, adjustable bed or bath lift can do for you and just how easy they are to use. These products are here to help you to regain independence and comfort within your home whether you are trying to get a good night’s sleep, relax in your chair or enjoy a bath.