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Here at Willowbrook we’re excited to finally welcome National Bed Month! Throughout the month of March you’ll be reminded of the importance of a good night’s sleep and how your bed plays a significant part in achieving this.


A new adjustable bed really could change your life

Having the correct bed can dramatically increase your health & well being. An adjustable bed can provide you with the correct level of support, comfort and flexibility you need in order to get the sleep you need, when you need it. Plus, after a good night’s sleep you’ll not only look better, you’ll perform better and feel better too.

If you’ve had your bed for longer than 7 years, it could be the perfect time for a new start. With a new adjustable bed you’ll:

1.  Improve your quality of sleep

A french clinical study found that when comparing sleep quality on an old bed vs a new bed, a new bed resulted in less disturbed and more recuperative sleep

2. Sleep healthier and more hygienically

Did you know that every night you lose up to a pint of body fluid? You also shed 1lb of dead skin per year into your mattress

3. Reduce your aches and pains

In a USA study people who suffered from back pain reported a 63% improvement in their aches and pain after sleeping on a new bed

4. Take pressure of your joints

At the touch of a button an adjustable bed can raise the head or foot of your bed for you to enjoy welcomed pressure relief for your joint ache

5. Reduce snoring 

If you or your partner snores an adjustable bed can help by raising the head of the bed. This reduces pressure on your windpipe reducing snoring and improving your quality of sleep.

6. Improve your blood circulation

If you suffer from swollen legs or ankles you will be advised to keep them elevated to help prevent pain. Rather than having to use a pillow an adjustable bed can elevate the effected area to help reduce your swelling. This will help you to not only feel much better, but sleep better too.


To learn more about how an adjustable could change your life browse our collection of beds by clicking here or get in touch with us today.