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Home. It’s more than a place where you live. It’s your sanctuary. A treasured place where we can close the door to the outside world and truly be ourselves.

Unfortunately, as we get older, the things that we once took for granted, such as getting in and out the bath, up and down the stairs, or generally feeling comfortable can become increasingly difficult.

By following this simple guide you can learn to not only live comfortably at home as you age, but safely and stylishly too:

Create a Safe, Stylish & Comfortable Home:

Make Resting & Rising Easier With a Riser Recliner Chair Or Sofa

Add a Riser Recliner for a Safe, Stylish & Comfortable Home

For the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, complete your living rooms look with a stylish matching fixed two or three-seater sofa

Relaxing in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea (and maybe a biscuit or two!) is one of life’s simple pleasures.

If you spend extended periods of time sat down, it’s important to have a chair that is tailored to meet your individual needs. This is especially true if you wish to maintain your comfort, safety and independence over a number of hours.

A riser recliner ticks all the boxes. Our customers have reported that having the right support from their riser recliner makes sitting and rising so much easier.

Made to measure you perfectly, at the simple touch of a button you can recline and rise with ease. This enables you to not only get in and out of your chair safely but find a position that is incredibly comfortable too. Riser recliners can also provide temporary positional relief from ailments such as backache, aching joints and arthritic pain.

Go Minimalistic and De-Clutter 

Add an Ottoman to Declutter for a Safe, Stylish & Comfortable Home

Pictured: Declutter your home with useful storage like an ottoman

You may be surprised by this but there is a strong correlation between your home, health and well being. Lighting, space and design can all influence your mood, without you even realising it.

Cluttered homes not only compete for your attention, they get messy quicker and can become a tripping hazard. While its lovely to have sentimental items out on display, such as photo frames and keepsakes, clutter on the floor can be dangerous.

If you find that you haven’t got a lot of storage to put your clutter away, why not consider one of our stylish ottomans? Not only can you use it as a coffee table, or somewhere to hide any clutter inside, it can double as a handy foot rest too.

Consider an Adjustable Bed

Do aches and pains often keep you up at night? Or has getting in and out of bed become somewhat of a challenge? If so, an adjustable bed could be a brilliant option to provide you with a safe, stylish & comfortable home.

Designed to help you find that ideal position for a perfect night’s sleep, you’ll not only experience incredible support and comfort all night long, you’ll wake up feeling completely refreshed too.

Handcrafted to your exact measurements and with a gorgeous range to choose from, our range of adjustable beds promise to keep you cosy and comfortable whilst introducing a chic style to your home. Pairing this with soft bedding and deep comfortable pillows will enhance your comfort even further!

Make Your Bathroom Slip Proof

Consider adding an AquaLift bathlift for a Safe, Stylish & Comfortable Home

Pictured: The AquaLift® makes bath time safe and simple

Are you, or someone you know starting to and that getting in and out of the bath has become that bit harder, or even hazardous? If getting in and out the bath is an issue, The AquaLift bath lift could help.

The AquaLift® bath lift provides a simple solution to bath time. Designed to provide you with the confidence you need to get in and out of your bath safely and easily. At the simple touch of a button, the AquaLift® lowers you into the water so you can enjoy the comfort of a full depth, relaxing bath. Once bathing is complete, you’re lifted to the edge of the bath for a safe transfer to your feet.

Making a few of these simple changes now can help you live safely and comfortably at home for years to come.

If you’d like to find out how our riser recliner chairs or adjustable beds could help, simply complete the brochure request form on this page and we’ll send you a brochure out in the post.