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Home. It’s more than a place where we live. It’s a place where we can close the door to the outside world and be surrounded by our memories, laughter and loved ones.

Understandably many people desire to stay in the comfort of their home for as long as possible but unfortunately, many people don’t plan for it. If you would like to age successfully and independently while remaining in your home, planning is key.

This useful guide will equip you with some top safety tips to ensure you stay safe in your home for as long as possible:

Living room safety tips

safety tips for aging at home safely - living room

 ✓  Get a riser recliner– Are you finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of your chair? If so, an electric recliner chair could help you. At the touch of a button an electric recliner chair lifts you to your feet and slowly sits you down again, taking the pressure from your knees and hips. Find out more about riser recliners by clicking here.

 ✓  Secure rugs– Are all your mats and rugs secured in place to prevent them from slipping under your feet? It is also important to ensure that any corners are securely fixed down so you don’t trip over them

 ✓  Tidy up -Make sure your living room floor is free from clutter so there are no tripping hazards when you are moving around

Kitchen safety tips

safety tips for aging at home safely - kitchen

 ✓ Re-organise your cupboards  Ensure pots, pans and commonly used food items are placed in an easy to reach location (between knee and shoulder height)

 ✓ Stepping stool– If you do have to stretch to get any items in your kitchen, rather than loosing balance when reaching consider getting a stepping stool to help you out

 ✓ Clean up spills Make sure that you clean up any spills on the floor immediately to stop you, or anyone else slipping on them

Bathroom safety tips

safety tips for aging at home safely - bathroom

 ✓ Consider installing a bath lift – Are you struggling to get in and out of your bath? A bath lift can help to gently lowers you in and out of your bath, so you can enjoy comfortable safe bathing without having to make expensive changes to your bathroom. Find out more about how a bath lift could help you by clicking here.

 ✓ Get handrails– Handrails installed in places where you often bend down to sit and stand (like the toilet or bath) can provide extra safety and support when using your bathroom.

 ✓ Raise your toilet seat– Sitting down and standing up from the toilet can become increasingly difficult as you get older. Getting a raised toilet seat puts less pressure on joints making it easier to get up and down safely

Bedroom safety tips

safety tips for aging at home safely - bedroom

 ✓ Get an adjustable bed– If you struggle getting in and out of your bed an adjustable bed could help you get in and out with ease. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, they ensure you are correctly supported along all parts of your body, providing temporary positional relief from back ache, joint pain and arthritis. To find out more about how an adjustable bed could help you click here.

 ✓ Clear your walking route–  The majority of fatal and non-fatal accidents involving older people are caused by falls. Ensure that there is a clear path between your bed and bathroom to avoid falling over anything en route 

✓  Light the way Make sure that there is a light within easy reach of your bed so that if you do need to get out of bed in the middle of the night, you can see where you are going

If you would like to discuss how an electric recliner chair, adjustable bed or bath lift could make your home safer, give our friendly team a call today on 0800 854 330